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Admin 4 лет назад 0 байт Robert, on the "Debug Log" tab of the app you can see additional info then error occurred. Please, send me it.
andy 4 лет назад 0 байт thx, nice tool, but only works on c, is does not work on D:, which is the sd card
Asyharie al kaf 4 лет назад 0 байт show and instal automatic. and block pattent hacker
Van 4 лет назад 154687 байт It does not work :c help
bradon1780 4 лет назад 0 байт [email protected]
Starts 2 лет назад 0 байт Hi, are you able to suggest a suitabe client for Mac, Cyber duck is expensive. what is the category of app to search for on AppStore. kind regards and thanks
lakis 2 лет назад 0 байт Thank you for your application. I use it with linux slackware 14.1. Using lftp client it works fine but using curlftpfs it makes curlftpfs froze after a little. It shows only the directory listing and very slow and after it freezes. Do you have any idea about? The curlftpfs is working fine with ftp servers in the internet. I have test it. Thank you very much for everything.
Tang_wiki 2 мес. назад 0 байт 我無法開啟電腦...
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